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Learn Spanish in Mexico - Discount for groups of students: 6 students ( 5 pay and one is free)

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Spanish school Location : Condominio Hacienda del Cármen depto. A2, Calle 14 bis, Entre Avenida 15 y 20.

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Learn Spanish in Mexico and Playa del Carmen

Discover some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Our Spanish Language School in Mexico is one of the most recognized language centers in Mexico.




Playa del Carmen, Mexico Spanish School

Our Spanish school offers various types of language courses. The courses vary according to student requirements and necessities, from basic 4 hour courses every day to customized groups for Universities and students interested in learning special topics.

All language courses start every Monday. Classes normally begin at 10am in the morning with students showing on the first day at 9.45 am to take a placement examination.

Our Spanish School in Mexico and Playa del Carmen offers the following levels:

Beginners A (60 lessons)

First Spanish experience in a Spanish country. At the end of the level students will be able to interact in common life situations.
Beginners B (60 lessons) Capacity to express ideas in past, present and future tenses is emphasized.
Intermediate 1 and 2 (160 lessons) Communication in diverse topics, students will be able to read simple books and write essays in Spanish.
Advanced 1 and 2 (160 lessons) Improve of skills and elimination of common errors in speaking and writing. Fluency in speaking.

After completing each level, students will receive a certificate. One lesson is equivalent to one hour.

Courses generally take place from 10am-2pm ( standard courses), intensive courses can take place between 8am-10am or 3pm-5pm. Also, during high season, group standard lessons can also take place from 2,30pm-6,30pm.


Spanish Course Types


Groups of a maximum 8students are gathered in one class. The course consists in 4 daily hours of Spanish lessons.

4 hours per day



Intensive courses consist in Standard courses in the morning and extra lessons in the afternoon, with a maximum of 8 students per class. 4 hours in the morning and two in the afternoon.

* If theres less than 2 students in any afternoon group, students will receive private lessons in exchange, 3 per week.

6 hours per day



This courses consists of the Standard Course Plus additional private lessons (one-to-one). 4 hours in the morning and two private hours in the afternoon

6 hours per day



Groups of students with the same interests, or for college/ university purposes



One to one lessons. Price varies according to total weekly number of hours



For more information please refer to our leisure section here.

Our school is both a fun and cultural center, we offer activities for people in search of fun and for those in search of culture and relaxation.

Playa del Carmen is the perfect spot for enjoying a wide variety of activities. From its world famous nightlife to its enchanting beaches, visitors will have plenty of activities and things to do during their stay.

A typical week at the Spanish School would consist of the following activities, during the high season:

Monday: Welcome party

Tuesday: Cooking classes in the afternoon

Wednesday: Salsa lessons in the afternoon

Thursday: Bohemian night on the beach ( cultural) / disco night (fun)

Friday: Mayan Culture video (culture) / disco night (fun)

Weekend: Visit to pyramids

During low season, activities will be reduced. Also most activities are offered at a charge.


Diving Lessons

Our school offers students the opportunity to learn diving lessons, at a very reasonable price, while learning Spanish.


Discover some of the most amazing ruins, the ancient city of Tulum with our Language School. The ruins have a beautiful beach nearby, rated as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is rated as one of the new 7 wonders of the world, discover this ancient city located near the city of Playa del Carmen while learning spanish with us!



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We represent a Spanish language school for foreigners in Mexico, offering different levels of spanish, from beginners to intermediates and advanced. The school also offers internship and volunteer opportunities and places students in different accommodation options from apartments to host families. covers USA, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Brasil and Austria. Study spanish in Mexicofrom the best language school. Learn by the beach and have fun while studying Spanish from expert and experienced teachers. You can do your internships in Mexico and Playa del Carmen. Accomodation suiting your various requirements are available. You can indulge in different activities like surfing, parties, dance, cultural trips, excursions etc along with your course. Mexico offers a wide range of activities for foreigners.